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Air Source Treatment Units

The air source processor is a component that does work through the force generated by the pressure or expansion of the gas, i.e., the mechanism that converts the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. They are widely used in the automated production of many industries such as metallurgical machinery, construction, transportation equipment, home appliances, light industry, machine tools, medical care and packaging.

The air source processor consists of an air filter, an air regulator and a lubricator. The air filter is used to clean the air source and filter the moisture in the compressed air to prevent it from entering the device with the gas. Pressure reducing valve can stabilize the pressure of the air source, so that the air source is in a constant state, which can reduce the damage to the valve, actuator and other hardware when the air pressure of changes suddenly. The oil mister can lubricate the moving parts of the body and the parts where applying lubricant is inconvenient, greatly extending the service life of the body.



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