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  • The Cautions of Fluid Solenoid Valve in Model Selection


    The fluid solenoid valve allows the viscosity of the liquid is generally below 20CST, greater than 20CST should be specified.Working differential pressure, the highest pressure difference in the pipeline in less than 0.04MPa should be used, such as ZS Read More

  • Beihang team formed common testing technology for pneumatic components, and revised 34 standards in more than ten years.


    Do you remember the amazing first flight of C919? When a plane is flying smoothly, it often feels like it's on the level when it's in the cabin with very low air density at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Why? The North Airlines man gave the answer!Cai Maolin: That's because the cabin is pressurized a Read More

  • Setting up a New Fulcrum of "China Pneumatic"—— Ningbo Power behind the National Science and Technology Award


    Innovation is the first driving force for development, the only way to achieve high-quality development, and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. In the list of the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards published at the beginning of this year, a number of projects invol Read More

  • The Technical Research Center of Pneumatic Industry of Zhejiang University (Ningbo) Convened a Symposium on Pneumatic Innovation Technology in Fengfeng


    Fenghua News Network News yesterday (6) morning, Zhejiang University (Ningbo) Aerodynamic Industry Technology Research Center Aerodynamic Innovation Technology Symposium was held in Enlightenment Intelligent Equipment (Pneumatic) Science Park.At the meeting, Professor Tao Guoliang of Zhejiang Univer Read More



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