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The Cautions of Fluid Solenoid Valve in Model Selection

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The fluid in the path must be the same as the medium specified in the selected solenoid valve series.The temperature of the fluid must be less than the calibration temperature of the selected solenoid valve.The fluid solenoid valve allows the viscosity of the liquid is generally below 20CST, greater than 20CST should be specified.Working differential pressure, the highest pressure difference in the pipeline in less than 0.04MPa should be used, such as ZS, 2W, ZQDF, ZCM series, such as direct-acting and step-by-step direct-acting; the minimum working differential pressure is greater than 0.04MPa can be used pilot (differential pressure) solenoid valve; the highest working differential pressure should be less than the maximum calibration pressure of the solenoid valve; general solenoid valve is one-way work, so pay attention to whether there is a counter-pressure difference, such as Install a check valve. 

Fluid cleanliness should be installed in front of the solenoid valve filter, the general solenoid valve on the media requirements of cleanliness to be good. Pay attention to the flow orifice and receiver diameter; solenoid valve generally only switch two control; conditions allow please install the bypass tube, easy maintenance; there is water hammer phenomenon to customize the solenoid valve opening and closing time adjustment.Pay attention to the impact of ambient temperature on the solenoid valve.

Power supply current and power consumption should be selected according to the output capacity, the supply voltage is generally allowed ± 10% or so, it must be noted that the VA value is higher when AC starting.


Solenoid valves are divided into two kinds of normally closed and normally open; generally choose normally closed type, open with power, close with power off; but in the open time is very long close when very short to choose normally open type.

Life test, the factory generally belongs to the type test project, to be exact, China has no professional standards for solenoid valves, so choose solenoid valve manufacturers carefully.Action time is very short when the frequency is high, generally choose direct-acting, large diameter selection of fast series.


General solenoid valves are not waterproof, please use waterproof type when conditions do not allow, the factory can be customized.The maximum nominal pressure of the solenoid valve must exceed the maximum pressure in the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or other unexpected situations will arise.For corrosive fluids, a stainless steel type should be used, and for strongly corrosive fluids, a plastic king (SLF) solenoid valve should be used.Explosive environments must use the corresponding explosion-proof products.


Many solenoid valves can be used universally, but the most economical product should be selected on the basis of being able to meet the above three points.




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