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  • Shengpeng Pneumatics produces a full range of pneumatic accessories, including control valves, mufflers, air pipes and pressure gauges, etc. These products are used in different occasions, or to connect different components, or to measure pressure, or to reduce noise and so on. Although they are not

  • Pneumatic connectors are also called quick connectors. Different materials and different processing techniques enable these products to stably adapt to different working environments. We continue to upgrade our products according to the development of the pneumatic industry, so that users have more

  • Modern industry has made higher requirements for the high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of fluid solenoid valves. After years of exploration and research and combined with user feedback, we continue to improve the design and processing technology, upgrade

  • Shengpeng Pneumatic produces different series of solenoid valves for users, including 5/2-way, 3/2-way, and 5/3-way solenoid valves with gas medium, and two-position two-way solenoid valves with gas or liquid medium. In addition, we can also produce angle seat valves, pulse valves, and some other sp

  • The function of the air source treatment unit is to process the natural compressed gas from the air compressor. The structure of the air source treatment unit generally consists of three parts; the filter is used to filter the air impurities from the air compressor, and the pressure regulating valve

  • Many machines or automated machinery will use a large number of cylinders, which are usually called actuators in the industry. Shengpeng Pneumatics is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic products in China. We have our own upstream and downstream raw material suppliers with many years of coopera



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